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Welcome to BelieveInTheShield.net, your best source for former WWE Stable, The Shield! This site will be updated with the latest news, videos, photos, and more! We hope you enjoy and visit again soon!
  The Shield is a World Wrestling Entertainment professional wrestling stable. The Shield originally consisted of Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins. The group debuted on November 18, 2012 at the Survivor Series pay-per-view, and later declared their intention to fight what they perceive as "injustice". The Shield is disbanded as of June 20, 2014.  
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    In this bizarre interview, Dean Ambrose reveals his mindset going into the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4-Way Match at WWE Payback and addresses how WWE might be different if The Shield never broke up.

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    Posted on May,132015
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    Dean Ambrose, Videos


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    Posted on May,092015
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    After taking WWE by force at Survivor Series 2012, the black-clad rebels known collectively as The Shield quickly cemented themselves as the most formidable trio in WWE history.

    Combining the might of Roman Reigns, the unhinged mind of Dean Ambrose and the devil-may-care offense of Seth Rollins, The Hounds of Justice waged the kind of wars that you might expect from three guys in tactical vests and combat boots. “Believe in The Shield” might have begun as a cryptic threat as these ruthless upstarts cut a swath through the WWE locker room, but it soon became an all-too-appropriate rallying cry.

    But which of the group’s all-in battles were the most thrilling? As Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns hurtle towards the Fatal 4-Way main event of WWE Payback, WWE.com counts down The Shield’s 10 best Six-Man Tag Team Matches.

    Click below to view the list!

    Read more

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    Posted on May,082015
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    Dean Ambrose, Latest News, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins


    The former Shield members will battle in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship


    When they arrived at WrestleMania 29, they were brothers. At WrestleMania 32, they’ll be bitter rivals battling for WWE’s top prize.

    With his WrestleMania Moment stolen, Roman Reigns will hunt down Seth Rollins and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship with all his might over the next 12 months. Yet, fight as Reigns may, Rollins will use The Authority to remain champion and keep him oppressed. Until Royal Rumble, that is, when Reigns defies the odds and becomes the first Superstar since “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to win the titular match in back-to-back years, forcing Rollins to settle things once and for all at The Show of Shows.

    But what about Dean Ambrose? The Lunatic Fringe is beginning to crack over his failures to win championships and keep Rollins from cashing in. Instead of letting it break him, though, he’ll use it to put on one of the grittiest performance in Money in the Bank history, winning the coveted contract this year. To torment Rollins, Ambrose will tease him with cash-ins for months. Once Reigns wins the Royal Rumble Match, The Lunatic Fringe will take the opportunity to prove to his former brethren that they shouldn’t treat him as an afterthought.

    Ambrose announces in advance that he will cash in his contract at WrestleMania 32, setting The Grandest Stage of Them All for a battle fans have been salivating to see since the brothers became rivals. Believe that. — MICHAEL MURPHY

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    Posted on Apr,102015
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    Dean Ambrose, Latest News, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins


    You can get Destruction of The Shield DVD packages on WWE Shop now! Click to photo below to view packages and prices.


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    Posted on Feb,282015
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    Dean Ambrose, Latest News, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins


    This DVD contains more than 20 matches and interview segments with Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins. Buy it on Amazon.

    From the beginning of their existence, The Shield voiced their intentions to fight what they perceive as “injustice”. They were also known for their tactical ring attire, with each member having their own style, their tendency to approach the ring through the live audience, and their trademark promos, which were recorded from a first-person perspective using a handheld camcorder. They were a group which possessed excellent teamwork and a willingness to sacrifice themselves as an individual for the good of the team, and which achieved victories by overwhelming opponents with superior numbers after incapacitating their teammates.Nicknamed as the “Hounds of Justice”, The Shield have referred to WWE as their “yard” during their speeches. The Shield was a dominant force in six-man tag matches, at one point having an undefeated streak from December 2012 to May 2013. [x]

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    Posted on Feb,202015
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    Dean Ambrose, Latest News, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins


    Team Hell No & Ryback vs. The Shield — TLC Match: WWE TLC 2012


    “My first-ever match in WWE was The Shield’s first-ever match in WWE, which was a Six-Man TLC Match in Brooklyn. To debut on that stage with a sold-out, raucous house, live on a pay-per-view in a TLC Match, nobody else’s debut match will be that much of a trial by fire as The Shield’s debut match was.

    “TLC Matches are difficult to prepare for, because there are so many elements to take into consideration, so much stuff that can go wrong. There are a lot of guys to worry about. You gotta know where your partners are. You gotta worry about your opponents. And you’re trying not to get hurt, but you know you’re going to have to take some risks.

    “Once you get out there in front of the crowd, all of your jitters go away. As soon as you make the first contact, especially with steel, it’s like getting through that first hit in a football game. You get through that first snap and you’re in a fight and you’re in the game. Then it’s fun. You don’t want the bell to ring. You don’t want the match to end. It’s a great place to be when you’re out there. It’s getting yourself in the right space of mind, and getting your game plan and strategy together is the hard part. I don’t wake up until I’m punched in the face.” — DEAN AMBROSE

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    Posted on Feb,092015
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    Dean Ambrose, Latest News


    Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins – WWE App Vote Match (Raw; June 10, 2013)


    WE SAID: Asked to vote for Daniel Bryan’s opponent on the WWE App, WWE fans paved the way for the first WWE meeting of Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins. Thank God they did. While the two had faced off on several occasions in Ring of Honor, the settings of those matches could not compare to doing battle on global television. Not surprisingly, it was a spectacular match that demonstrated to the world that a younger and hungrier group of WWE Superstars were ready to take over WWE’s main events. In the closing moments of the outstanding athletic contest, Randy Orton thwarted the interference of Roman Reigns, allowing The Beard to catch his opponent with a small package for the win. — @JOEYSTYLES

    BRYAN SAID: “Again, this is an aggregate pick. I picked this one because Seth Rollins is an interesting case for me. He was a fan of Ring of Honor when I was main-eventing Ring of Honor, so he would come to shows. And then he main-evented shows at Ring of Honor with me. And then here we are wrestling each other live on Raw. We went out there and had a great match. Our styles just meshed so well. Same thing with …”

    Team Hell No & Ryback vs. The Shield — Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match (WWE TLC 2012)


    WE SAID: At first glance, the Six-Man Tag Team Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match from WWE TLC 2012 appeared to be the night The Shield emerged as one of sports-entertainment’s most unstoppable factions — and it was. But take another look at the bout and you might notice a transformation that began on that evening. Up until that point in his WWE career, Daniel Bryan had been seen as a mix between a great in-ring technician and a lighthearted comedy act. It was TLC 2012 where he finally proved his tenacity. The brutality of the encounter would be a precursor to the year-and-a-half journey to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship that Bryan was about to embark upon. Whether he was shaking off a double superplex through a table or fighting back after getting his face crushed through a chair, one thing about Daniel Bryan became very clear on that night — he always got back up. — RYAN PAPPOLLA

    BRYAN SAID: “I really liked the Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match from 2012. It was fun because it was The Shield’s first match and the tables, ladders, chairs and all that stuff added a certain element to it, an excitement, and people didn’t know what they were going to get out of The Shield. I think it set the precedent for what The Shield would go on to do from then, just having the best matches and stealing the show nearly every night.”

    Team Hell No & The Undertaker vs. The Shield (Raw, April 22, 2013)


    WE SAID: Behold, one and all, what may well go down as a once-in-a-lifetime event, never to be preceded or repeated again in this universe or any of the others that follow: Daniel Bryan, just weeks before reaching the peak of his powers and exploding out of the post-Team Hell No gate, uniting with not just his hug buddy Kane but his markedly-less affectionate brother, The Undertaker, against the most dominant faction there ever has been in WWE. There were masterful performances by all six Superstars, but it was Bryan who truly rose to the occasion. As a collective, The Shield were beyond reproach even then, Kane and Undertaker are and have been institutions for years, but Bryan was still a bit of a wildcard. Much of his top-tier success had been predicated on chicanery and showmanship, not the pure, in-ring talent that brought him to the dance in the first place. The question of whether Bryan could truly,trulyhang with the big boys was still up in the air. He answered it, resoundingly, in this match, a black-sheep Brother of Destruction if there ever was one. — ANTHONY BENIGNO

    BRYAN SAID: “I loved teaming with Kane the whole time I was [in Team Hell No]. It was hard for me to pick only two matches with Kane. But the two I picked were both Six-Man Tags, and this one in particular was cool, because I had never gotten to share the ring with The Undertaker except for that one night. Doing it with Kane against The Shield was just a lot of fun.”

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    Posted on Jan,182015
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    Dean Ambrose, Latest News, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, TLC


    #1 The Shield finally square off


    How glorious will it be when the planets align, Mercury falls into retrograde and Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns finally step into the ring against each other?

    These guys had their squabbles in The Shield, but have splintered off into different directions since the split, with Rollins siding with The Authority, Ambrose wreaking havoc, and Reigns becoming Superstar of the Year. Given that all three are shoe-ins for future WWE World Heavyweight Championship contention, it’s only a matter of time before their paths cross. The champion of the future may come down to a Triple Threat. Believe that. — ANTHONY BENIGNO

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    Posted on Jan,072015
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    Dean Ambrose, Latest News, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins


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    Posted on Jan,042015
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    Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Videos

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